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Visiting the Russell-Cotes Museum from Marsham Court Hotel


During your holiday at Marsham Court Hotel, one of Bournemouth’s leading hotels with a sea view, you’ll be looking for things to do besides enjoying Bournemouth’s stunning beaches. Among a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities is the town’s most stylish museum and art gallery, the Russell-Cotes Museum. And this couldn’t be more convenient to visit from Marsham Court — you just have to cross the road.

East Cliff Hall

The fascination of the Russell-Cotes Museum doesn’t just lie in the objects exhibited there. The house itself, originally called East Cliff Hall, is its own best exhibit.

A Grade 2* building, it was completed in 1901 by Sir Merton Russell-Cotes as a birthday present for his wife, Annie. Built in a lavish Art Nouveau style, with French, Japanese and Moorish influences, it was from the start a museum as well as a residence. While Merton and Annie were living there, it featured rooms specially designed to show off the extensive collection the couple had amassed from their world travels, as well their fine art collection.

Merton and Annie gave East Cliff Hall to Bournemouth, for use as a museum, while they still lived there. After both had died, it was renamed the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum in 1922.

Visiting the Russell-Cotes Hotel

Open 10-5 every day of the week except Monday, the Russell-Cotes Museum offers a wide variety of artworks to see, all in lavish rooms that are largely left as Merton and Annie had them arranged.

The artworks lining the walls, both those donated with the house and those added since, represent a connoisseur selection of British painting and sculpture — if a somewhat conservative connoisseur. At the same time, some rooms are dedicated to specific collections, such as the Japanese art in the Mikado’s Room. There’s also a room dedicated to memorabilia about the great actor Sir Henry Irving, a close friend of the couple, and the museum puts on regular exhibitions.

But a visit to Russell-Cotes isn’t just about gazing at artworks. The glorious garden is also open to visitors, and there’s a play area for young children, while older children can undertake a treasure hunt among the exhibits. There’s an excellent café, which is also open to the general public.

As a listed historic building, with a limit on permitted alterations, the museum isn’t completely accessible. However, most areas are wheelchair accessible, and essential carers or companions are admitted free.

Visiting the Russell-Cotes Museum from Marsham Court Hotel

While the most obvious advantage of Marsham Court Hotel for the Russell-Cotes Museum is that it’s only a few yards away, there are plenty of other reasons to stay here. One of the most attractive of Bournemouth family hotels with a sea view, Marsham Court is equally convenient for Bournemouth’s beautiful beaches and the lively town centre, as well as exploring the countryside.

It’s also ideal for anyone with accessibility needs. Besides accessible hotel rooms, we also cater for people with disabilities throughout the hotel, including our award-winning Changing Places facility.

Get in touch with us to find out more about staying at Marsham Court Hotel.

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