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How to choose your wedding entertainment?


Hi everyone,

Let’s talk about wedding entertainment. Choosing the one you would like to have on your big day can be hard. You want to make sure that all your guests are entertained throughout the day.

Kat, Our Wedding Coordinator, have put together a list of some great options that we have seen at the Marsham Court Hotel:

  • Magician– always a great idea to have one during a drinks’ reception or in-between the wedding breakfast and evening reception. The guests are always stunned at the mind blowing and unbelievable tricks.
  • Caricature Artist– this is also a nice favour idea! Instead of having little sweets out on the table, guests can have a drawing of themselves done by a caricature artist to take away and keep. They can remember your wedding day forever now.
  • Children’s entertainer– this is a perfect idea if you have quite a few children attending. This will help them to stay happy and busy throughout the day to let the parents have some fun.
  • Barn Dance Band– if you want everyone out on the dance floor, I’d recommend getting a barn dance band. This is so much fun to watch and participate in, as they have a person calling out all the dance moves you should be doing. It’s a bit of fun and provides plenty of laugh.
  • Sweet Cart – this is both for children and the adults. I have seen a few sweet carts at weddings, but I do like it the most when they have a colour theme and all sweets are the same colour.
  • Sparklers– this is a great way to end a magical day! Here, at Marsham Court Hotel, you can use the terrace for sparklers in the evening. Your photographer may get some great photos too.
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  • Photo booth– this is definitely everyone’s favourite attraction and it always gets guests out of their seats. It’s also a lot of fun watching people get dressed up in funny props. Afterwards, most photo booth companies give a book with all the pictures to the happy couple so it’s a nice thing to keep.
  • Fireworks– even though you aren’t allowed fireworks at the hotel, we have had many clever couples who had their Wedding on a Friday in August and that is when the Bournemouth fireworks are on down by the pier. We are in a perfect location to be able to view them from the terrace.
  • Butterfly/dove release– this is a lovely idea and it is also great for some intimate photos.
  • Garden games– they keep both the children and adults entertained. A giant Jenga always gets the wedding guests excited.
  • Table trivia– to keep guests entertained throughout the meal, it is nice for them all to bond over a game of trivia to break the ice, especially if they don’t know each other that well.
  • Casino– most casino companies make personalised wedding money which is a nice touch as no one actually loses any money. This form of entertainment is especially popular later on in the evening.

We really hope that these ideas will help you find the ideal wedding entertainment for your big day. See you soon!

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