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Top packing tips


Hi everyone,

With the holiday season ahead of us there is one thing that always bothers travelers – packing. Whether you’re going for a few days or a couple of weeks there is always a lot of things to take into consideration like weather conditions, luggage allowance or airport restrictions. We put together a few tips to make the upcoming holiday season easier for you and your family.


Before you start any packing make sure that you have your tickets and passport in place – you wouldn’t believe how many people forget to pack the essentials! Additionally, check your luggage allowance or airline restrictions (if you’re flying).

Make a list

Prepare a detailed list of everything that you are planning to take with you. You can also divide it into multiple categories such as: hand luggage, check-in suitcase, makeup bag or first aid kit.

Roll up your clothes

Once your list is finished you can finally start packing! Some travelers have found a way to pack clothes and avoid them being creased. The secret is to… roll them up! This trick will save you plenty of time during your holiday and allow you to take a break from your iron.

Don’t overpack

Another mistake very often committed by travelers is overpacking. You definitely don’t need 10 tops for a two day city break! Make sure that you have the right amount of clothes for your trip and an option if the weather is not as planned.

Take miniature sizes toiletries

Most hotels will offer their guests mini shampoos and shower gels so call the place you’re staying to make sure you don’t have to take your toiletries. If you still have to take some other products, buy miniature versions of them to save space and weight of your luggage.

Avoid disappointment

Have you ever opened a suitcase to see that your shower gel has leaked all over your clothes? Situations like this are easily preventable! Simply place your toiletries in a bag or cover the cap with some cling film.

That’s it, now you are ready to pack your bags and relax. Whatever your plans are, we wish you a nice & pleasant stay and remember that when you’re back… you will need to unpack.

Until next time,

Klaudia Urbanska
Marsham Court Hotel

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