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Wedding on a budget


Hi everyone,

As we all know, weddings can get very expensive. There are a lot of things to consider and remember about but there certainly are ways on reducing the overall cost. Kat, our Wedding Coordinator, is an expert at organising weddings for all budgets so she would like to give the happy couple some advice on how to save:

1. Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses
In case you didn’t know, there are some stores that re-sell pre-loved dresses at a reduced cost (have a look here or here). There are also some dress stores that sell both wedding/bridesmaid dresses for under £600! Finally, take a peek at the popular online stores… you can find amazing dresses at affordable prices in ASOS or Missguided.

2. Grooms/Groomsmen Suits
Instead of buying the suits out right, remember that you can hire the them for a day and save on the costs! Not sure where to look? Moss Bros are very popular for hiring suits!

3. Wedding Cake
There must be an amazing aunty or cousin who is a fabulous baker in the family! Additionally, homemade wedding cakes are becoming more common. Now it’s the time for a top tip from me: “Not everyone eats the wedding cake!” Don’t focus on having the biggest 5-tier cake if there are only 50 guests coming. Some cake stores can make a polystyrene bases to save a bit of money too.

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4. Sweet favours
What is the best time to buy any sweets or chocolate favours for the big day? After Christmas sales! Once we had a Charlie & Chocolate Factory themed wedding at the Marsham Court Hotel and they hit the supermarkets after Christmas to get all the selection box chocolates in the sales, which saved them a lot of money.

5. Flowers
If you aren’t fussed by flowers, I think the best thing you can do is to purchase some fake flowers. Some of them look just as good as the real thing. As flowers are extremely pricey for weddings, we include a few arrangements in our wedding packages which you can read about here.

6. Low Season/ Late availability weddings
If you are on a budget, sometimes the best time to save money is to look at low seasons for weddings (October- March – excluding December). Some venues offer late availability dates at a reduced cost or they add in something for free such as canapes during a drinks’ reception. Getting married between Sunday-Tursday will also be cheaper.

7. Find a venue that has everything
Here, at the Marsham Court Hotel, we supply the ceremony, wedding breakfast & evening reception venue, as well as drinks, food & accommodation. Hiring all suppliers externally can add up! We have many packages to suit the requirements of every couple. The smallest wedding we organised had only 12 guests and our biggest one had 200 guests. So, whatever it is you are looking for we can definitely cater for it!

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