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How to organise an event on a budget?


Hi everyone,

As you probably noticed we often try to share useful tips and tricks when it comes to event organisation on our blog. However, whether it’s a conference or awards gala, organising an event be quite costly, so we decided to talk about how to do it on a budget.


One of the biggest factors when it comes to the price you pay is definitely location. If you plan to have your event in Central London then this is going to cost you much more than to have one in a smaller town. Prices will also differ from venue to venue so find the greatest and cheapest option to get the best value for money.

The right time

Try to avoid peak times where the price can even double! A party during Christmas and around other important holidays can cost you a fortune. Usually, you can organise everything for less money during quieter periods for corporate events like school holidays or half-term.

The right day

Be flexible on the date you have in mind. Venues will usually cost less on Monday or Friday when there is less demand. If you’re planning a residential event, bear in mind that the accommodation will probably be cheaper just before or after the weekend – on Thursday and Sunday. Get a few quotes to compare the prices and choose the best offer.


Typically, sourcing catering at the venue should be less expensive than having one from the outside. Places with their own kitchen and a chef are also more likely to offer tailored menu that suits your needs.

Organising an event is definitely an expensive and time consuming task but hopefully, with those tips, you will find it much easier. We wish you the best of luck and don’t forget to enjoy your party!

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Klaudia Urbanska
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