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How to choose a wedding décor/theme?


Hi everyone,

Today, let’s talk about a wedding décor/theme. Here are some tips from Kat, our Wedding Coordinator, on how to the best option for your Wedding Day:

  1. Consider your venue and their décor

You might be having your wedding in a beautiful barn with plenty of fields surrounding it. This is a great venue to go very rustic as it naturally complements it. If you were getting married somewhere where all the walls are yellow, you may want to stay away from conflicting colours. I would always consider the venue décor when planning… you don’t want anything clashing!

  1. Have a clear theme

It is not great to mix a lot of different ideas together. Once you have a clear idea for your décor, you can start a Pinterest page for inspiration. The best theme I have seen at the hotel is an amazing Willy Wonka themed wedding. The groom dressed up as Wonka, their centre pieces were buckets of chocolate and sweets and they even had a Wonka Gate for an entrance into the ceremony!

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  1. Choose a theme that means something to you

There are some lovely wedding ideas around that suit what the couple is all about… for example “travelling” couples will often send out their invites as passports, label their tables with places that they have visited around the world and use a globe as their “guest book” where guests write their best wishes on. I think choosing a theme that means something to you is a great idea!

4. Choose a theme that means something to you

Make sure that you have a clear idea of how much you want to put towards the décor for the wedding. Flowers can be extremely expensive so I would suggest shopping around or haggling quotes! Some couples can forget about their budgets and end up paying far too much.

  1. Don’t go too over/under board

I know this is extremely hard to asses. I would suggest speaking to the Wedding Coordinator at your venue to see what other people have done in the past and ask to see some photos. This will also give you an indication of what is required to make the room look fantastic. Wedding décor companies often offer site visits, so they can understand the venue and share their vision with you.

Choosing your wedding theme does not need to be hard if you really think about what you want. Consider your venue and budget but, most importantly, choose something that has a meaning to both of you.

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