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Planning a Christmas Party…


Hi everyone,

Christmas seems to be far away but it is never too early to start planning the Christmas Party. A lot of companies book their venues months in advance so if you don’t want to be left out then you have to start thinking about it now. We hope that the list below will help you to get organised and ready for the Festive Season:

First step, date, time and venue

When it comes to planning any party, the three things mentioned above are probably the most significant to establish first. Make sure you find the right venue within your budget (consider what type of party you want to organise, car park availability and other important features). Choose a date that is close to the 25th of December but doesn’t interfere with your employees individual Christmas plans.

Second step, Guest list

Create a guest list to know exactly how many people you are expecting to come and for how many you have to cater for. This will also help you in creating all the invitations later on.

Third Step, Choose a theme

Winter Wonderland, Caribbean or Vintage party? Maybe you prefer something more traditional? Choosing the right theme can be a bit of a challenge but it can really add something special to the celebration. If you are unsure about what to do, it may be a good idea to get the employees opinion and ask them to fill out a survey to include them in the planning process.

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Fourth Step, Plan your menu

Another thing that needs to fit within your budget is the menu. Do you prefer a buffet style dinner or a sit down three-course meal with full silver service? What about drinks? Make sure to ask the employees about any special dietary needs prior to the event and that the venue is able to cater for them.

Final step, Send out the invitations

After all the planning it is time to send out the invitations! They will help you to establish how many people are actually going to come and if they have any special needs. Try to send out the invitations as soon as you can to finalize the planning process.

Now that everything is planned and the guests are invited… all you have to do is wait for the party and hope it is going to be a success. Good luck!

Until next time,


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