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Top 5 travel tips


Hi everyone,

Travelling can be both relaxing and stressful but the most important thing is that it should be enjoyable. We put together a short guide with top 5 travel tips so you can enjoy your next trip.

1. Don’t over pack

A mistake very often committed by travellers is over packing. You definitely don’t need 10 tops for a short city break. Make sure that you have the right amount of clothes for your trip and some options if the weather is not as planned.

2. Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most important things to remember about. Even during a short trip you can get injured or robbed. In situations like this insurance always saves the day!

3. Patience is key

Not everything always goes as planned even when we try our hardest for it to work out. In stressful situations take a deep breath and try to re-evaluate the situation to find the best possible solution. Life is too short to get angry or annoyed.

4. Ear plugs are essential

Have you ever tried to fall asleep on the plane but were interrupted by a crying baby? Stayed in a hotel and the noise didn’t let you to close your eyes even for a second? A pair of ear plugs can save you in a lot of situations and will easily become your best friend.

5. Extra cash

Always remember to take some extra money with you. They can be a lifesaver during an emergency. Hide it in your shoe, toiletry bag or other less accessible place so it can’t be stolen. If you ever run out of cash, there is no need to panic.

Whether you travel as a family, couple or solo – you will definitely find those five travel tips useful. Have an amazing holiday!

Until next time,

Klaudia Urbanska
Marsham Court Hotel

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