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Marsham Court Hotel For Your Business Meetings In 2022


Have you restarted face-to-face business meetings since the lockdown ended? Although the recovery doesn’t seem to be going quite as smoothly as hoped, there seems little likelihood of in-person meetings being banned again. But the venue still has to be right, both for a successful meeting and for a safe one. Marsham Court Hotel is perfect for both.

Marsham Court Hotel for a Successful Business Meeting

Whether or not there’s a pandemic going on, a business meeting needs to run smoothly, whether you’re entertaining a group of important customers or negotiating with suppliers. And that needs a venue that’s comfortable, well equipped and offers top-quality service.

Marsham Court Hotel has eight meeting rooms that can accommodate from 2 to 280 guests, so you can fit your meeting in without being either cramped or overwhelmed by the room. A wide range of equipment is available, from flip-charts to AV equipment, and our chef and his team can provide whatever refreshments that will suit your meeting.

Marsham Court Hotel for a Safe Business Meeting

Even though we’re not in lockdown anymore, we’ve all become much more conscious of staying safe than we were before COVID, and it’s unlikely that will go away for some time. At Marsham Court Hotel, we spent the first lockdown rethinking both our procedures and the physical layout of the hotel to ensure safety, and much of this will remain in place.

We’ll work with you to ensure that the logistics of your meeting allow for safe distancing. At the same time, our already thorough cleaning regime now ensures that any room or equipment you use will be fully sanitised before you need it. If you require anything during your meeting in order to remain safe and healthy, any of our staff will be keen to help you.

Marsham Court Hotel — a Great Setting for Your Business Meeting

A successful business meeting needs a great setting, to help the participants feel relaxed and positive. Marsham Court is an elegant Edwardian hotel, tastefully modernised inside, overlooking Bournemouth Bay and its award-winning beaches. Or, if your guests want something more exciting after the meeting, it’s within easy reach of Bournemouth’s lively town centre.

Get in touch with us at Marsham Court Hotel to learn more about how we can help your business meeting run more smoothly, successfully and safely in 2022 and beyond.

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