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5 most crucial things to consider when planning a wedding


Hi everyone,

Together with our Wedding Coordinator, Kat, we decided to start a Wedding Series on our blog to help the future brides and grooms in planning their special day. The blog posts will provide you with helpful tips and tricks on how to organise an unforgettable wedding. However, should you decide to have your wedding at Marsham Court Hotel, don’t forget that Kat will help you with all the worries and stress! We specialise both in intimate, as well as, big ceremonies and can cater for any needs.

Now, to start, here are 5 most important things to consider when planning a wedding:

1. Consider each other’s ideas

A lot of people have the saying “my day, my way” ringing through their head at the beginning. However, even though you may have the perfect image of what your wedding will look and be like, your partner might have some fantastic ideas up their sleeve, that you haven’t even considered. This day is about the both of you and for both of you. Sit down one evening with a couple of glasses of wine and discuss wedding plans in more details.

2. Set a budget

A key to successful wedding planning? Always set a budget. Trends change every year and something new pops up every minute. Setting aside appropriate amounts of money will help you track the expenses and focus on priorities. Some things may also cost more or less than you assumed at the beginning. Finally, always remember that there are things you can do yourself, if you need to save some cash… from table decorations to getting a polaroid camera for artist photos, you can get really creative when planning a wedding!

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3. You can’t please everyone

One thing I (Kat) always tell my couples here is: “You cannot please everyone”. At the end of the day, this is your big day so the focus should be on you. The most common brought up point is special diets. Nowadays, venues are usually really good with special diets so you don’t need to worry about catering your menu to suit all the vegetarian, vegan or gluten free guests. Firstly, choose the menu that you and your partner like the most. Afterwards, discuss with the venue the special diet guests you have. They will most definitely will cater for them.

4. Communication is key

Make sure that you keep in contact with all your suppliers. Each one of them will have different meeting and payment times or timescales. My top tip for couples is to have what I call a “wedding bible”. This is just a notebook with everyone’s contact details in and key dates to remember not to miss anything. The wedding bible will help you throughout the whole planning process. Many couples come to a meeting with me with lots of pieces of paper that isn’t organised which makes them a little bit stressed out. If it is all in one place, that keeps me and also you calm.

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5. Have fun!

I know there is a lot to consider when planning a wedding but do not get stressed out. This is supposed to be one of the best days of a person’s life, so you need to sit back and enjoy the ride. Wedding planning is also a great way to come together with friends and family to discuss ideas. Have fun decorating table centre pieces with friends, get everyone involved and make a few days out of it!

We hope that you found the above tips useful. From now on, Kat will appear on our blog regularly to share lots of helpful content with you.

Until next time,


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