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Plan Your Post-Lockdown Team Building Venues Bournemouth


It’s been a long winter of lockdown, where business meetings have been entirely restricted to using Zoom and other online platforms. While these have been lifesavers, they hardly compare to being in the room with people.

Fortunately, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, with plans for a gradual easing of lockdown in place. It may be a few months, but perhaps it’s time to start to think about booking meetings for your business — especially team building. If you’re anywhere within reach of Bournemouth, Marsham Court Hotel is the perfect venue.

Why is Team Building So Important?

The past year is likely to have been incredibly stressful for your employees. Even if you’ve been able to keep the workplace open, they’ll have been negotiating a whole raft of safeguards and restrictions, making normal team interaction difficult.

It’s more likely that they’ve been either furloughed or working from home. While home-working has its advantages, it does mean that they’ve had very little chance to interact with their colleagues, some of whom may also be friends.

A team building meeting will give them a chance to reconnect with one another and renew their common purpose as a team. It will also give you the perfect opportunity to re-emphasize your company’s values, as well as planning new directions and strategies in the post-Covid world.

Why Marsham Court Hotel Is Perfect for Team Building Venues

If you’re anywhere near Bournemouth, Marsham Court is the perfect place for your team building, both for practical and psychological reasons. For any team building session, it’s important that your employees feel both relaxed and energized. What could be better than an elegant Edwardian hotel on the sea-front, with Bournemouth Bay’s award-winning beaches just across the road?

In practical terms, Marsham Court offers a choice of rooms to suit the size of your staff group and your planned activities. Facilities range from A/V equipment to flipcharts, while the chef and his team will supply the refreshments you need — whatever special dietary requirements your team might have.

Why Marsham Court Hotel Is Safe for Your Team Building Venues in Bournemouth

Even after the lockdown is over and we’re allowed to resume meetings, it doesn’t mean we’ll be able to go straight back to how things used to be. A degree of social distancing will continue to be needed, along with PPE and enhanced hygiene.

 We’ve adapted the hotel to make this easy and developed strategies to make it simple for everyone to maintain their distance. All our staff is well trained in keeping everyone safe, while we have an in-depth cleaning regime to ensure the spaces you use are virus-free.

 Get in touch with us to find out more about holding your post-lockdown team building at Marsham Court Hotel.

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