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Exploring Accessibility at Marsham Court Hotel in Bournemouth


When it comes to planning a holiday or a weekend getaway, accessibility is a crucial consideration for many travellers. For those seeking a comfortable and inclusive stay in Bournemouth, here at the Marsham Court Hotel we strive to make the hotel and facilities as accessible as possible. We aim to ensure all guests can enjoy a memorable and hassle-free experience at our accessible hotel.
Let’s delve into the various aspects of accessibility at Marsham Court Hotel..

Accessible Accommodation

We provide a range of accessible hotel room options designed to cater to the diverse needs of our guests. Wheelchair-accessible rooms are available, featuring spacious layouts, widened doorways, and specifically adapted wet rooms. Our accessible hotel rooms have profiling beds and removable ceiling hoists. These rooms are thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for guests with mobility impairments.

Accessible Facilities 

From the moment you arrive at Marsham Court Hotel, you’ll find that accessibility is woven into every aspect of the property. Accessible parking spaces are available to book at the rear of the  hotel, allowing guests with disabilities to easily access the hotel. Throughout the hotel, you’ll find ramps and we have a lift to provide seamless access to different floors and facilities, ensuring that guests of all abilities can move around effortlessly. We are also incredibly proud of our Changing Places Facility with ceiling hoist, height adjustable wash basin, nonslip flooring, shower and changing bench. We are the only hotel in Bournemouth with a changing places facility. 

We Use Welco-Me

We have partnered with Welco-Me to give you the most dignified, discreet and personal method to share your requirements and access needs to enhance your experience, making you feel confident when staying with us. You simply sign up and complete your accessibility profile. Share your access needs, requirements, and what help you may need. We can then notify the team to ensure they are prepared to greet you and have whatever you need ready.

Accessible Dining Options

Dining at Marsham Court Hotel is a delightful experience for all guests, including those with dietary restrictions or accessibility needs. The hotel’s restaurant offers a diverse menu with options suitable for guests with food allergies or special dietary requirements. Furthermore, the restaurant is designed to accommodate wheelchair users, with spacious seating areas and accessible tables.

Our Sensory Room

Our sensory room and been specially designed to provide a sensory experience for guests, young and old, with a wide variety of different needs. This can be used for both relaxation and de-escalation, for those with processing difficulties. Our sensory room is available 24 hours a day and is free for residents to use.

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Accessible Outdoor Spaces

The accessibility of Marsham Court Hotel extends beyond its indoor facilities to our outdoor spaces as well. Our terrace areas are wheelchair accessible and our outdoor pool has an i-swim pool hoist and shuffle board making it accessible to all. 

Accessibility Awareness and Training

We are committed to promoting accessibility awareness and ensuring that all staff members receive Disability Awareness Training to ensure they feel confident and able to assist where required. From our front desk staff to housekeeping and restaurant personnel, every team member undergoes training to provide attentive and respectful service to guests with disabilities.

We truly pride ourselves on the high standard we provide of accessibility at the Marsham Court hotel. From accessible accommodation and facilities to inclusive dining options, we all aim to go above and beyond to ensure that all guests feel welcomed and valued here. Whether you’re planning a relaxing getaway or attending a special event, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for guests of all abilities.

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