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5 reasons to have an intimate wedding


Hi everyone,

Today, we are going to talk about small and intimate weddings. We definitely noticed that there is a huge trend when it comes to this type of ceremonies. Kat, our Wedding Coordinator, came up with 5 reasons to have an intimate wedding:

1. Budget Friendly

The first reason is pretty straightforward. Having a very large guest list requires a very large budget. Reducing the list to close family and friends will definitely save you a lot of money, that you can spend on your Honeymoon.

2. Bespoke offer

As it is a smaller wedding you will most likely be able to tailor packages to suit what you want for your wedding. The changes will also easier to implement.

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3. Focuses on what matters most

With a smaller number of guests present during your wedding day you can spend more time with your loved ones, as well as, your partner. There is only a limited amount of time and ideally you should spend some time with everyone. By having too many guests couples often don’t get to sit down and take in the whole day.

4. Less stress

Probably one of the most important reasons as to why you should bet on an intimate wedding. Less people, less stress! There is no need to be calling 100 people to ask if they are still coming or making long lists of special diets and buying too many thank you gifts… You can relax knowing that everything is in hand.

5. Makes the day more personal

Making DIY decorations will definitely be easier.  There is also less tables and chairs to worry about. That way you can spend a bit more time on favours, as you don’t need to buy them for the masses of people with a big wedding. Little touches will make your wedding more memorable than a big lavish ceremony where people may not get to see everything.

What do you think? Would you choose an intimate wedding over a big one? Click here to find out more about our offer or to download our wedding brochure.

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