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Finding Outdoor Wedding Venues in Bournemouth


There are plenty of reasons why you might want your wedding ceremony to be held in a seaside location such as Bournemouth. These include the fresh sea air, the stunning views out to sea, and the opportunities for fun available to your guests before or after the wedding.

If you’re marrying in high summer, you may not want to be shut indoors all day. A wedding held in the right outdoor setting can add that extra memorable sparkle to your big day, so how do you find outdoor wedding venues in Bournemouth?

Why an Outdoor Wedding in Bournemouth?

Even as south-coast seaside towns go, Bournemouth is something special. Quite apart from the beautifully landscaped open spaces and elegant architecture, there are the award-winning beaches and the stunning clifftop views out over Bournemouth Bay, as far as the Isle of Wight.

While during the colder months a spacious, elegant room can be exactly what you want, in the summer it’s ideal to be outside. With the sun shining down from a clear sky and a gentle sea breeze blowing over the ceremony, everything seems that much more special. Both you and your guests will remember your big day even more fondly than if it had been indoors.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Bournemouth

With all this, you’d expect that Bournemouth would be teeming with outdoor wedding venues, but it’s actually surprisingly hard to find one. While some places offer space for an indoor wedding to spill out, only a few are set up to have either the ceremony or reception outdoors.

Fortunately, one notable exception is Marsham Court Hotel. Along with a number of superb inside spaces, you can enjoy your ceremony, your reception or both in the beautiful setting of the garden, with the elegant pagoda for the couple to make their vows.

The Advantages of an Outdoor Wedding at Marsham Court Hotel

An outdoor wedding at Marsham Court Hotel is all about the setting. The garden is a joy for both sights and scents, with the Edwardian architecture of the hotel as a backdrop. The hotel’s position on the seafront means you get those stunning views out to sea, not to mention the full benefit of the sea air.

The garden can cater for both weddings and receptions and will take up to 40 seated, or up to 70 for a standing reception. Of course, any outdoor event in Britain can be a gamble, but Marsham Court always reserves the fine inside room The View as a standby in case of rain. A win-win arrangement.

To find out more about this stunning outdoor wedding venue in Bournemouth, download the wedding brochure from Marsham Court Hotel.

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