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Visit Monkey World from Bournemouth


If you’ve been fascinated by the TV programme Monkey Life, about the world-famous primate sanctuary Monkey World, you may not have realised how easy it is to enjoy a day there from Bournemouth. If you’re thinking of incorporating a trip to Monkey World in your Bournemouth holiday, the perfect base is the Bournemouth family hotel Marsham Court.

Monkey World

Monkey World was founded in 1987, primarily as a sanctuary for chimpanzees used by photographers in several Mediterranean countries, who were often seriously abused. Fairly quickly, however, the sanctuary diversified into other abused primates, mainly apes and monkeys, and they currently work with 27 governments worldwide to stop the illegal pet trade in primates.

Currently, Monkey World is home to 22 species of primate. The apes include species of chimpanzees, orangutans and gibbons, while there are a number of monkey species as well as lemurs and slow lorises. No gorillas, though — fortunately, they haven’t yet found a gorilla that needs their help.

Your Visit to Monkey World

Although Monkey World’s primary mission is as a rescue centre to rehabilitate abused and traumatised primates, it also operates commercially as a zoo. Needless to say, like the majority of modern zoos in this country, it’s organised in an ethical way, with environments and social groupings as close as possible to natural conditions. While this is primarily for the animals’ welfare, it has the additional benefit that visitors get to see these primates in a more authentic way than in a traditional zoo.

You should be able to see most of the residents during your visit, but Monkey World give no guarantee that any individual will choose to be on show. However, there’s also plenty to learn. There are regular “Keeper Q & A” sessions, during which you can learn about the various species and watch food being scattered for them to find. It’s fascinating for adults — and the kids will be in seventh heaven.

Getting to Monkey World from Bournemouth

Monkey World is only about a half-hour’s drive from Bournemouth by the most direct route, and Marsham Court Hotel’s situation makes it easy to get onto the right road. Although it’s normally possible to pay for entrance on the gate, the park may be full at extremely busy times, so it’s as well to book up online in advance.

Due to safeguarding the primates, many of whom have had bad experiences, Monkey World doesn’t allow dogs (apart from assistance dogs, by prior arrangement). If you’ve taken advantage of Marsham Court’s dog-friendly facilities to bring your canine family member on holiday, however, Monkey World can recommend a nearby day kennels service, where your friend can be entertained during your visit.

Marsham Court Hotel for Your Visit to Monkey World

Marsham Court Hotel, a sea-front Bournemouth hotel, is perfectly placed for your holiday in Bournemouth and your day trips all around — including to Monkey World. You’ll find the perfect blend of friendliness and efficiency, and any member of your part with accessibility needs can make use of our award-winning accessible facilities.

Get in touch with us to find out more about staying at Marsham Court for your Bournemouth holiday, making your visit to Monkey World simple.

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