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How is Mother’s Day celebrated around the world?


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Even though Mother’s Day falls on different days depending on the country, the ultimate goal remains the same – to make our Moms happy and thank them for all they do every single day. So how are other countries celebrating it? Are their celebrations similar to the ones in the UK? Let’s take a look at a few places.

United States

Nowadays, US Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It’s not much different from our UK holiday – most families spend time together and kids give their moms flowers, cards and presents.

The tradition of American’s Mother’s Day started after the Civil War to reunite families divided during the war. In 1868, when “Mother’s Friendship Day” committee was created, Ann Jarvis and later her daughter Anna Jarvis tried to expand the day into something that is celebrated every year. Finally, on May 8th 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a resolution that designated a particular day during a year to Mother’s Day celebrations.


Mother’s Day in this country also takes place on the second Sunday in May. Japanese mothers are gifted beautiful carnations which represent their strength.

This beautiful tradition was born in 1913 and was celebrated ever since (excluding the Second World War).

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In the country of Matterhorn, Mother’s day (Muttertag) is on the second Sunday in May and it’s a celebration of love and gratitude.

The tradition started in 1917, during the First World War, and made Switzerland one of the first European countries to introduce Mother’s day. Quickly after that Germany and Austria followed.


Contrary to the previous locations, Ethiopian’s Mother’s Day is a three-day festival called Antrosht at the end of Fall. What are the celebrations? This time is reserved for dancing, singing and an unbelievable feast with a traditional hash meal.

All family members are obliged to bring an ingredient to not only celebrate their mothers but also the end of the rainy season.

While different versions of Mother’s Day are celebrated worldwide, the traditions change depending on the country and its culture. Happy Mother’s Day!

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