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Bowls Holidays in Bournemouth


The sea air at a south-coast resort like Bournemouth is so healthy, you’ll want to get as much of it as possible during your stay at Marsham Court Hotel. One way of ensuring that is to focus your holiday on sport — but maybe you don’t want to be tearing around like a greyhound all day.

The perfect solution — have a bowls holiday. Whether you’re learning the game or honing your skills, you can enjoy an absorbing, highly skilled game that’s made for those who prefer their sports leisurely.

What Is Bowls?

Bowls is an ancient game, believed to go back to prehistory and played in Britain since at the least the 13th century. In fact, it was so popular during the middle ages that (like football) it was several times banned, due to interfering with the obligatory archery practice.

Modern bowls dates back to the 19th century, and today it’s played widely in dozens of countries worldwide. Two main forms are played: crown green bowls, played on a green formed into a shallow hill, and flat-green bowls, played on a flat strip, either outdoors on grass or indoors on an artificial surface.

Bowls is played from high-level competitions, often televised, down to local leagues. However, many people enjoy it simply as a recreation, allowing them to combine skill, moderate activity and fresh air.

Bowls in Bournemouth

While bowling greens can be found all over the country, Bournemouth is particularly well supplied. There are twelve greens in the town, mostly outdoor facilities, but also one indoors. Some are near the coast, offering stunning views, while others are in beautiful inland settings.

Most of these are owned by clubs, but the majority are frequently open to non-members. This might include either organised events or times when the general public can come in and try out the game.

Bowls Holidays in Bournemouth

Whether you simply want an informal holiday playing bowls, or whether you’re looking to organise a group that can be booked into various of Bournemouth’s greens, with coaching available, Bournemouth is the perfect location.

And Marsham Court Hotel is the perfect base. With stunning views over Bournemouth Bay and its award-winning beaches, we’ll help you organise your bowls-themed holiday. If any of your party have accessibility needs, we offer award-winning options ranging from fully equipped accessible bedrooms to our new Changing Places facility. And, for anyone reluctant to be parted from their canine companion on holiday, we’re a dog-friendly hotel.

Get in touch with us to find out more about enjoying bowls holidays in Bournemouth at Marsham Court Hotel.

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