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The urban area of which Bournemouth is the main component also includes several other towns, and the most significant is Poole. While Poole has many attractions, it’s especially famous for its harbour — the largest natural harbour in Europe.

If you’re spending a holiday at Marsham Court Hotel, one of the leading Bournemouth family hotels, you’ll be perfectly positioned to visit Poole Harbour and enjoy everything from unique natural habitats to watersports.

Enjoying the Beauty of Poole Harbour

A significant port since Roman times, Poole has benefitted from having the largest natural harbour in Europe and possibly the second largest in the world. Originally a substantial river estuary that flooded at the end of the last Ice Age, Poole Harbour today offers breathtaking scenery.

The wetlands around Poole Harbour are significant enough to be included under the international Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. They’re a birdwatcher’s paradise, especially for wading birds. The harbour is also fringed by many areas of woodland, offering a wide range of wildlife.

Four square kilometres of Poole Harbour make up the Poole Marine Conservation Area, ten distinct sea-bed habitats that are home to over 360 marine species. The harbour also contains a number of islands, many of which are well worth a visit — the most important being Brownsea Island, the home of the scouting movement.

Watersports in Poole Harbour

If your idea of fun is more energetic than just looking at the beauties of nature, Poole Harbour also offers a wide range of water sports. These include waterskiing, wakeboarding, jetskiing, waterbiking, kitesurfing, windsurfing and parascending.

Since Poole Harbour is still a working harbour, although no longer as busy as ports like Southampton, there are necessarily restrictions on these activities. You’ll need to get a permit and stick to the designated areas. This will ensure that you can enjoy your sports without risk of collision with commercial shipping.

Outside these specified areas, Poole Harbour has a speed limit of 10 knots. The harbour also includes two “quiet areas” (Little Channel and Holes Bay), where the speed limit is reduced to 6 knots. These areas are perfect for anyone who prefers their boating to be a leisurely affair.

Staying at Marsham Court Hotel for Poole Harbour

Marsham Court Hotel, a Bournemouth beach hotel right on the seafront, gives you easy access to Poole Harbour. A short car or bus ride will take you there, or if you feel more energetic, you can cycle in just over half an hour.

Marsham Court is a friendly family hotel that’s convenient for all locations in the Bournemouth-Poole area. If any of your party has extra needs, we offer several fully accessible bedrooms, as well as accessible facilities throughout the hotel, including our award-winning Changing Places. We also welcome well-behaved dogs, if you want to share your holiday with a canine member of your family.

Get in touch with us to find out more about visiting Poole Harbour from Marsham Court Hotel.

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