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How to travel on a budget


Hi everyone,

As we all know, experiences and travelling really enrich our lives. We learn the most valuable lessons when we are in the unknown. Even in the era of cheap airlines and travel comparison sites your trip can still cost you a lot. We put together 5 best hacks to help you save money when travelling.

Travel during off-peak season

Off-peak times may not be the same in different countries. Before you go anywhere do your research and try to avoid the expensive tourist season to save money. Additionally, you will enjoy your trip more thanks to fewer tourists and shorter queues.

Private search

Travel websites found a way to follow our online activity and what prices you have been quoted in the past. If you want to avoid this, simply use a private/incognito window mode or clear your browsing history (including cookies). You can also use travel comparison sites to find the best deals.

Book your tickets in advance

Tickets and accommodation get more expensive the closer you get to your trip. Booking them well in advance can save you a lot of stress and money. Check out the prices few months prior your holiday– some places offer deals or discounts for early birds.

Travel light

Always try to pack all your clothes into a carry-on luggage only. This way you can avoid checked luggage fees which sometimes can be almost as costly as your flight. Remember not to over pack and only take the necessities.

Choose cheaper accommodation

Hotels are the most popular accommodation choice amongst travellers however there are also other alternatives. If you are trying to save money, find a hostel or search the Airbnb website and stay at someone’s house during your holiday.

Here we go, these are our five tips that will save you a lot cash during your next trip. Are you ready to plan your next holiday?

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