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How to plan a meeting


Hi everyone,

Meetings and conferences are an essential part of every business however planning one may take a lot of time. You have to think about all the different aspects: venue, attendees and what topics will be discussed. Our short guide will help you to make sure that the next gathering is a success.

1. Organisation

Firstly, determine all the necessary details, including: the reason for a meeting, list of participants, possible venues, date as well as time. Create an agenda for the day (don’t forget about breaks) and write down what topics will be discussed during the meeting.

2. Find the perfect venue

An ideal venue will suit all your meeting’s needs. Take into consideration the number of attendees and how far it is from your offices. Make sure you have the internet access or white boards/screen projector if you need one. If the meeting is going to take longer than a couple of hours, think of selecting a menu with light snacks and drinks.

3. Participants

Once you have all the necessary details, notify the participants about the meeting. Let them know what the agenda is for the day so they know what to expect. If there is any work that needs to be done for the meeting, also include this information.

4. Send a reminder

A few days before the meeting takes place, send out a notification with all the details, venue address and detailed agenda. Don’t forget to include emergency contacts and parking information if needed.

5. The meeting

Always arrive early. Make sure that someone is taking minutes and includes all the relevant information. You want the meeting to follow the agenda closely and have enough breaks so your colleagues won’t get bored. Ensure all the topics are talked about and everyone is clear about the outcome of the meeting.

6. Follow up

After the meeting is over make sure to follow up with participants within 48 hours. Send out the minutes taken as soon as possible so those who couldn’t attend the meeting can catch up. Thank everyone for attending and summarise the outcomes.

We hope that this easy-to-follow guide has helped you to plan a successful meeting. Now, after all the hard work is done, it’s time to start planning your next meeting!

Until next time,

Klaudia Urbanska
Marsham Court Hotel

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