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Enhancing Hospitality: The Imperative of Inclusive and Accessible Training at The Marsham Court Hotel 


In today’s diverse and dynamic hospitality industry, the concept of inclusivity and accessibility isn’t merely a trend – it’s a necessity. Here at The Marsham Court Hotel we recognise this and have embraced a comprehensive approach to training our team to ensure every guest’s needs are met with utmost care and proficiency.

Hotel guest checking at seafront hotel, The Marsham Court in Bournemouth.

James, our Operations Director, aptly captures the essence of this approach, emphasising the significance of investing in accessible training at The Marsham Court Hotel . “There is no point having invested so heavily in our hotel for guests if our team don’t know how to fully utilise that, so training is crucial.” These words underscore the core philosophy driving our commitment to inclusive and accessible training.

At the heart of our training regime lies a fundamental principle: every member of the team undertakes comprehensive disability training as part of their induction. Spearheaded by Simon, our Head of Training and Development, this initiative ensures that each employee receives ongoing support to enhance their communication skills and build confidence in catering to our diverse guests’ needs.

Crucially, we extend our training efforts beyond internal resources by partnering with external trainers like Purple Training. These collaborations enrich the staff’s understanding of disability awareness and equip them with essential skills to provide exemplary service to all our guests. By integrating external expertise, we ensure the team are well-prepared and confident to handle all situations with tact and empathy.

One notable aspect of the training program here at The Marsham Court is our focus on specific areas of need within the hospitality sector. For instance, Ruthie Fletcher’s deaf awareness training has proven to be particularly impactful. Team members were taught basic British Sign Language, enabling them to effectively communicate with deaf guests and enhance their overall experience at the hotel.

Additionally, we prioritise mental health training in partnership with Burnt Chef, recognising the importance of fostering a supportive environment for both guests and employees. With designated mental health first aiders and comprehensive training for managers and supervisors, we strive to ensure our staff are ready to address mental health challenges sensitively and effectively.

As a family-run establishment, we place immense value on cultivating a supportive work culture where communication and well-being are paramount. With team members who have been part of the Marsham Court family for decades, the hotel fosters an environment of trust and openness. This commitment to employee welfare extends to initiatives like Thrive, which encourages our team to prioritise their emotional well-being.

As a hotel we are dedicated to providing our team with inclusive and accessible training to the highest of standards. By prioritising disability awareness, deaf communication, and mental health support, we not only ensure an exceptional service for all guests but also a work culture of empathy and inclusivity. In an ever-evolving landscape, we remain committed to providing a welcoming and accommodating experience for every individual who walks through our doors.

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