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Category Archives: Networking


Networking club for start-ups partners with Bournemouth Chamber


The south coast’s only networking club for new businesses is partnering with the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce (BCTC) to take on the ‘challenging’ times ahead. The BCTC will become official sponsor of New2Business Networking at the Marsham Court Hotel in Bournemouth, from its next meeting on January 23, 2019.

The Marsham Court founded New2Business in January 2015 to provide support for new business owners and trainees of larger businesses. In the past four years the free to attend, bi-monthly meetings have hosted around 300, new start-ups.

Jane Swift, Business Development Director at the hotel in Russell-Cotes Road, said: “We are thrilled to gain the support and expertise of the BCTC, particularly as we all proceed towards the uncertainties surrounding Brexit.” She continued: “During the last four years, New2Business has welcomed hundreds of new companies which have reached a certain level but need further help to grow.

“We enable people to share their experiences, ask questions and ask for advice. Starting a new business is a big step and connecting with other businesses is key – but it can also be daunting. Our members tell us they appreciate the informality of our meetings and the opportunity to share the wisdom of speakers who have already achieved success with their businesses. Working with the BCTC and its diverse membership will only enrich what we offer.”

Richard Milton, Executive Director of the BCTC and MD of Marketing company e-nexus Ltd, agreed: “This partnership is a perfect fit for both New2Business and the Chamber. “I myself have attended New2Business as a business owner for over 18 months and have been immensely impressed by everything about it, from its informal atmosphere to its level of attendance and the way it supports its members. The BCTC was born over a hundred years ago, but has the same very relevant aim – to support the local business community by providing networking opportunities, the very latest business information, training and development.”

He continued: “The south coast continues to witness encouraging business growth and as Brexit and its implications for business unfold, there will be an even greater need than ever for the BCTC and New2Business. I am excited about the months ahead.”

New2Business Networking meetings are free to attend and feature a speaker, followed by an informal networking session. To sign up to attend the next meeting on January 23, please do so at:

Why is networking beneficial?


Hi everyone,

If you’re a business owner you probably already realize how important networking is. Meeting different businesspeople and entrepreneurs to create business relationships or to share and seek information is extremely beneficial to you and your business.

Below are 5 reasons why you should start networking right now:

Relationships and connections

Building long-lasting relationships with other business owners is helpful for many reasons. Firstly, you get someone that you can share and discuss your ideas with. Second of all, very often if you help someone they will also help you if you ever need an assistance to achieve your goals. Thirdly, your connections can help you to meet other influential people who open the door to even more possibilities and this is just the beginning…

Fresh ideas

Sharing your thoughts with other people can help you to gain a fresh look at what you’re doing and help you to develop your ideas even further. There are billions of people in this world and each one of them has unique experience therefore can look at things differently – take advantage of it.


Meeting new people can open doors to various opportunities for you and your business. You can meet new clients, business partners or even be offered a job through a recommendation. The possibilities are endless if you know the right people.


Besides getting a fresh look at your ideas, you can also receive an advice from someone who is more experienced in your industry. This can help you to avoid the errors they’ve made and learn on their mistakes.

Raising your profile

An important part of every career is being visible and getting noticed for what you’re doing. Regular networking can help you to get your face and name known to people in the industry.


Looking to start your networking venture? See what local events are available to you. If you live in the Bournemouth area, Outset is sponsoring the New 2 Business Networking event that takes place every month at the Marsham Court Hotel. You can book your free ticket here.

Until next time,

Klaudia Urbanska
Marsham Court Hotel