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 Next Event: Wednesday 17th October 2018 5pm – 7pm

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A Networking Group for New Businesses and Trainees

The New2Business networking group is for new business owners and trainees of larger businesses – who are new to the networking scene.

Networking is an essential part of any growing business and is a valuable business tool when utilised effectively, but many find the prospect just too daunting when they are first starting out.

At each event we hear from a local business person who can provide their words of wisdom on a given subject. There will also be a small number of people at each event who have started their own successful businesses or are established professionals so that they can offer their support and advice to help your business to grow and thrive.

Our speaker for the October event is Richard Milton from E-Nexus.

Use web analytics to grow your business

Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics can do wonders for your business. They can provide you with easily accessible insights & metrics that you can use to improve the performance of your website and other areas of your marketing mix.

Richard Milton, founder of e-nexus, a Bournemouth based Marketing Consultancy will demonstrate the benefits of using web analytics tools and show you how you can use them to better understand and transform the performance of your marketing.

Richard Milton is a career long marketer who specialises in marketing strategy, performance and measurement. Richard spends his time working with business owners, managers and marketers, supporting them to improve their marketing decisions, investments and impact.


The event is FREE to attend but we do ask you to register which you can do by following clicking HERE