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New2Business Networking

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Next Event: Wednesday 11th March 5pm – 7pm

A Networking Group for New Businesses and Trainees
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The New2Business networking group is for new business owners and trainees of larger businesses – who are new to the networking scene.

Networking is an essential part of any growing business and is a valuable business tool when utilised effectively, but many find the prospect just too daunting when they are first starting out.

At each event we hear from a local business person who can provide their words of wisdom on a given subject. There will also be a small number of people at each event who have started their own successful businesses or are established professionals so that they can offer their support and advice to help your business to grow and thrive.

Our presenter at the March event is Steve Bieniek.

Steve will be joining us to talk about what to consider when looking at a card payment system for your business.

There are many organisations that offer card payment services in the UK, but what does a business need? What information is required to make an informed decision.

Not all services are the same.

Steve will dispel the myths surrounding the products and services and help avoid the pitfalls. Should you or someone you know go looking for a service from a payments provider, hopefully you will know the right questions to ask.

We will cover:

-Types of card payment services

-Transaction Pricing – market rates

-How to watch out for hidden extras

The event is FREE to attend but we do ask you to register which you can do by following clicking HERE