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On the 1st October friends, family, colleagues, past and present staff and long standing guests gathered together to celebrate 30 years of Rosie Wallace and her family owning the Marsham Court! 

Following the death of her Mother, Jennie Deavin, in April this year, Rosie now runs the  award winning Bournemouth hotel aided by her brothers Russell and James Dixon-Box. However, never one to miss out on an opportunity to plan a party – Jennie made it her business to give her instructions as to how the event should be organised. Rosie commented   ‘the family followed Mum’s wishes to the letter and it was a fabulous evening and a great testament to her love for the Hotel and the people who make the Marsham Court what it is today’. 

A small rowing boat has now been placed in the
front garden and is named ‘Mrs D’ in Jennies memory.